TOWR included in IDX major index LQ45
Jakarta, January 27, 2020 | Source: Company

PT. Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk. ("SMN" or "TOWR") is pleased to announce today its inclusion in the IDX LQ45 index.  The LQ45 index comprises the companies listed on the IDX with high liquidity and most valuable free float. Sound financial condition and solid corporate governance are also requirements by IDX for inclusion in this key benchmark index.

“We are pleased with the inclusion of TOWR in the LQ45, in particular after our inclusion in the IDX80 last year. This reflects improved liquidity of TOWR share and reflects our continuous effort to maintain and improve compliance with IDX rules and regulations,” stated Aming Santoso President Director of SMN Group. 

SMN Group is the parent company of Protelindo, the largest independent telecommunication tower lease provider in Indonesia, with over 19,200 towers and iForte, a fast growing business providing telecom infrastructure mainly in the form of fiber optics to support telecommunication businesses.