Whistleblowing System

PT Sarana Menara Nusantara, Tbk and PT Profesional Telekomunikasi Indonesia ("Protelindo"), Collectivelly referred to as "the Company Group", are committed to upholding Good Corporate Governance ("GCG"), As part of these efforts, the Group has implemented a Whistle Blower Reporting System ("WBS") to ensure adherence to the Company Regulations and prevailing laws and regulations, as well as clean business practices and ethics.


The WBS is an independent system that allows for confidential reporting of suspected misconduct such as:
a. fraud;
b. violations of laws and regulations;
c. violations of the Company Regulations, Employment Agreements Code of Conduct, and other written policies of the Group, which are done by Employees, Directors, Commissioners, Vendors and other stakeholders of the Group. The Group will keep the identity if the Whistle-Blowers confidential and provides protection from retaliation.


The WBS is a tool to report suspected fraud, violation of laws, violation of The Company Regulations, Employment Agreements, Code of Conduct, and other written policies of the Group without fear of reprisal.


Reporting complaint can be submitted to the WBS:

Email :  
SMS/WhatsApp :  0817-492-2964
Report Anonymously :  Anonymous Report Form

The following information needs to be submitted to file a complaint:

Reporting Requirement

  • Problem reported
  • Parties involved
  • Time of occurence, and
  • How it happened.