PT Profesional Telekomunikasi Indonesia ("Protelindo") is committed to complying with, and even moving beyond, the Good Corporate Governance ("GCG") standards and principles prescribed by the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia. Protelindo believes that operating under GCG policies provides added value and protection, as well as transparency, to the shareholders, bondholders and stakeholders. Protelindo’s Corporate Governance framework provides for checks and balances while allowing management flexibility for prompt decision-making in the ordinary course of business.

Apart from simply complying with all legal and regulatory requirements, Protelindo endeavors to apply GCG practices as a key element to enhance its attractiveness and competitiveness in the domestic and foreign equity and debt markets. To provide accountability and transparency to the shareholders, bondholders and lenders, Protelindo delivers financial reports regularly as required by Protelindo’s Articles of Association and capital markets laws and regulations. These reports include periodic financial reports to be delivered to Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (“OJK”) and PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (the “Indonesian Stock Exchange or "IDX"), as well as other relevant reports as specified in the capital markets regulations.

Protelindo continues to monitor compliance with the Principles of GCG as stipulated by OJK and IDX rules.

  1. Brief History (Annual Report 2014 p. 22-24)
  2. Ownership Structure (Annual Report 2014 p. 34-35)
  3. Corporate Secretary
  4. Audit Committee (Annual Report 2014 p. 86-90)
    Audit Committee Charter
  5. Remuneration and Nomination Committee (Annual Report 2014 p. 90-93)
    Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter
  6. Internal Audit Department (Annual Report 2014 p. 97-100)
    Internal Audit Charter
  7. Capital Market Institutions and Professionals (Annual Report 2014 p. 37)
  8. Articles of Association and BOD & BOC Composition
    1. Articles of Association (Deed No. 70 dated 18 November 2009) and (Deed No. 32 dated 4 February 2016)
    2. BOD & BOC Composition (Deed No. 6 dated 2 June 2017)
  9. Agenda and Resosution Approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders (Annual Report 2014 p. 80-85)
  10. Bonds Information (Annual Report 2014 p. 9, 66-69)
  11. Dividend Policy (Annual Report 2014 p. 65)
  12. The Material Information related to Investment, Expansion, Acquisition or Restructureing of Debt or Capital
    (Annual Report 2014 p. 66-70)
  13. Board Charter
  14. Corporate Code of Conduct (Annual Report 2014 p. 106-109)
  15. Risk Management System (Annual Report 2014 p. 101-103)
  16. Contractors (Annual Report 2014 p. 57-58)
  17. Corporate Social Responsibility (Annual Report 2014 p. 112-115)
  18. Human Resources Development (Annual Report 2014 p. 44-45)