Press release from PT Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk.

Jakarta, June 8, 2017 | Source: Company

SMN, the parent company of PT Profesional Telekomunikasi Indonesia ("Protelindo"), a member of the Djarum Group, held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today. during the meeting the shareholders approved a dividend for the fiscal year 2016 of Rp 700 billion or Rp 68.6 per share.. With the current TOWR market capitalization, the dividend yield is approximately 1.9%. The schedule for the distribution of the dividends is posted on our website.

SMN recently announced first quarter results for 2017. Revenue increased by 12.2% yoy to Rp 1.3 trillion, EBITDA during the same period increased by 13.3% to Rp 1.13 trillion and net profit increased by 25% yoy to Rp 649.4 billion. Compared to the same period last year, the number of towers owned and managed in 1Q17 increased significantly by 19% to 14,587 towers and the number of tenants increased 14.9% to 24,070 tenants. Currently SMN is working on orders to accommodate 1,247 new tenancies.

“In a challenging environment SMN realized strong growth in terms of tower growth, revenue, EBITDA and net profit. In the year 2017 we plan to set side a capital expenditure budget of around Rp 1.5 trillion which will be financed internally from operating cash flow. We are optimistic that Protelindo as the main subsidiary of SMN will continue to maintain its investment grade rating ", added Aming Santoso, President Director of SMN.

Previously in 2016 Protelindo received investment grade (IG) ratings from Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch Ratings, i.e. BBB-, Baa3 and BBB-, respectively. The Republic of Indonesia received an IG rating of BBB- from Standard & Poor's in May 2017. Protelindo currently also has a BBB- rating, which makes it one of the few companies in Indonesia with has same IG rating as the Republic of Indonesia. In addition Protelindo is one of three non-financial and non-BUMN companies with an IG rating from Fitch Ratings.

Protelindo is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMN and is the largest independent tower company in Indonesia. SMN is a public company listed on the IDX with a market capitalization of approximately Rp 36 trillion, with 32.7% of company’s common stock owned by the Hartono family, the majority shareholder of the Djarum Group.

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