Signing of Cooperation Agreement dated 30 January 2019 between PT Iforte Solusi Infotek and Badan Aksesabilitas Telekomunikasi dan Informasi (BAKTI)
Jakarta, February 1, 2019 | Source: Company

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We, hereby, for and on behalf of PT Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk., submit Report on Information or Material Fact, as described below:

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1. Date of Occurrence

30 January 2019.

2. Type of Information or Material Facts

Acquisition of a Material Contract – Signing of Cooperation Agreement for the Provision of Telecommunication Satellite Capacity by PT Iforte Solusi Infotek (“Iforte”) as lead of HTS iForte Consortium (as described hereinafter) with Badan Aksesabilitas Telekomunikasi dan Informasi (“BAKTI”) (“Cooperation Agreement”).

3. Description of the Additional Information or Material Fact

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, BAKTI is a public service agency regulated under the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Regulation No. 3 of 2018 on Organization Structure and Operation Procedure of Badan Aksesabilitas Telekomunikasi dan Informasi. BAKTI’s function is to procure and to manage the financing of telecommunications and information technology with respect to the conduct of Universal Service Obligation (“USO”).


In order to support the USO program and to meet the demands of bandwidth satellites which have not been fulfilled by the terrestrial telecommunication providers, particularly for rural, remote and secluded areas and to increase access for telecommunications in all areas of Indonesia, BAKTI intends to provide foreign and local satellites which have the specification of High Throughput Satellite (HTS).


After going through the tender process for the selection cooperation partners, BAKTI determined that the HTS iForte Consortium, which is led by Iforte, as the awardee of the tender for operational cooperation partnership in the procurement of telecommunication satellite capacity (“Facility Procurement”).


HTS iForte Consortium was established under Deed of Consortium Agreement No. 104 dated 28 September 2018. In this matter, all companies which are members of the selected partners of consortium are represented by iForte as leader of the consortium, and is therefore authorized to act for and on behalf of HTS iForte Consortium.


The cooperation between BAKTI and HTS iForte Consortium was later stated in the Cooperation Agreement signed on 30 January 2019 for a period of 5 years.


The Facility Procurement by HTS iForte Consortium under the Cooperation Agreement includes among others: (i) procurement of satellite and internet systems, (ii) procurement of gateway RF system and VSAT hub system, teleport/gateway modems, (iii) provision of resources and NOC and integration service support with VSAT remote terminal and (iv) regular training for the BAKTI’s employees.


4. The impact of such event, information or material facts towards operational activities, legal, financial condition, or business continuity of the Company

The Cooperation Agreement was signed by taking into account that Iforte has the appropriate skills and professional experiences, personnel, technical resources that meet the requirements from BAKTI.


The signing of Cooperation Agreement is expected to help optimize the business activities of Iforte and on a consolidated basis will also positively impact the business activities of the Company.


The signing of Cooperation Agreement is not expected to have any negative material impact to the operational activities, legal or financial conditions or the business continuity of Iforte and the Company.

5. Other information

Iforte is a company which 99.999% of its shares are owned directly by PT Profesional Telekomunikasi Indonesia (“Protelindo”), whilst, Protelindo is a company which 99.9997% of its shares are owned by the Company.


We hereby conclude the report on information or material facts. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Best regards,
PT Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk.